Beverley Nichols (1898–1983) was a prolific writer on subjects ranging from religion to politics and travel. In addition in addition to authoring six novels, five detective mysteries, four children's stories, six autobiographies, and six plays, he is perhaps best remembered today for his gardening books. Beverley Nichols circa 1930

The first, Down the Garden Path, centered on his home and garden at Glatton and was followed by A Thatched Roof and A Village in a Valley. Merry Hall and its sequels Laughter on the Stairs and Sunlight on the Lawn document Nichols's travails in renovating a Georgian mansion and its gardens soon after the war.

His final garden was at Sudbrook Cottage, which serves as the setting for Garden Open Today and Garden Open Tomorrow. The progress of all three gardens was followed avidly by readers of his books and weekly magazine columns.

Timber Press is pleased to announce the arrival of two more Nichols books: Down the Kitchen Sink and Green Grows the City.

Down the Kitchen Sink cover Down the Kitchen Sink has much in common with its famous predecessor, Down the Garden Path. When he began to write the latter, he could not prune a rose. When he began to write the former, he could not boil an egg.

Green Grows the City cover Fans of Beverley Nichols will find in Green Grows the City the same elements that have delighted them in his other books: the wit, the style, the cats, and of course Gaskin, gentleman's gentleman extraordinaire.

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