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Love our books? Want a chance to read and review them before they release?

Whether you’re a bookseller, librarian, part of the media, book blogger, or just an avid reader, you can request a digital galley of our forthcoming books on popular website Netgalley. Clicking the cover of the book you’re interested in will take you to the request page on Netgalley. You’ll need a Netgalley account; if you don’t already have one, it’s free to sign-up.

Visit for more details.

Reading Group Favorites

Did you know that several of our books have reading group guides?

RGGs are the perfect companion to a good book, they provide the extra information you’re looking for to enhance your reading experience. Great for both reading individually or in a group, click the button below for a full list of books with RGGs or consider one of the popular suggestions in the carousel below.