About Twelve

Mission Statement

Twelve strives to publish singular books, by authors who have unique perspectives, diverse, often under-represented backgrounds, and compelling authority. Books that explain our culture; that illuminate, inspire, provoke, and entertain. Our mission is to provide a consummate publishing experience for our authors, one truly devoted to thoughtful partnership and cutting-edge promotional sophistication that reaches as many readers as possible. For readers, we aim to spark that rare reading experience—one that opens doors, transports, and possibly changes their outlook on our ever-changing world.

12 Things To Remember about TWELVE

1. Every Twelve book will enliven the national conversation.

2. Each book will be singular in voice, authority, or subject matter.

3. Each book will be carefully edited, designed, and produced.

4. Each book’s publication life will begin with a month-long launch; for that month it will be the imprint’s devoted focus.

5. The Twelve team will work closely with its authors to devise a publication strategy that will reach as many readers as possible.

6. Each book will have a national publicity campaign devoted to reaching as many media outlets—and readers—as possible.

7. Twelve is committed to publishing prominent voices from across a broad and diverse spectrum of cultures and under-represented backgrounds.

8. Twelve is dedicated to finding innovative ways to market and promote its authors and their books.

9. Twelve offers true partnership with its authors—the kind of partnership that gives a book its best chance at success.

10. Each book will get the fullest attention and distribution of the sales force of the Hachette Book Group.

11. Each book will be promoted well past its on-sale date to maximize the life of its ideas.

12. Each book will matter.